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Currency in Brevoy Empty Currency in Brevoy

Post  Nephilim on Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:01 am

Pathfinder presents currency in generic gold pieces, however in kingmaker the currency system we will use is a parallel to their system.

The main currency used by nobles and rich commoners is the gold sovereign. It is a weighted gold cube, which contains an imprinted mark of the ruler of the realm.

This was done so that tools used to size and group the currency is possible. Over time, many of the cubes have become slightly imperfect, and is a good gauge as to the age of any sovereign encountered, as they tend to get rounding on the edges, and slightly malformed.

There are silver and copper bits, which are equivalent to the silver and copper piece. There are no platinum equivalent coin, but slabs are often used, which is a wrapped 10x10 digit, and cubes, which are 10x10x10.

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