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Two Play by Post House Rules Empty Two Play by Post House Rules

Post  Nephilim on Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:55 am

This game will use Raw Pathfinder rules, however to make things flow better on the forum, there are two following changes:

1) No attacks of opportunity, however if a character would have gotten an Attack of Opportunity and they make an attack against that character the next time they act, then it is made at a +4 attack bonus. This is to discourage people from doing things that provoke, however can be done in standard initiative order. For now we'll be going fast and loose for combat (a more narrative style) so this may not even come up that much, but still.

2) No Initiative rolls. As people have varying schedules, it means that people can just post their turn when they get the chance. Initiative bonus is only used for things like "who is faster in an opposed action?". To prevent rogues from losing flat footed/sneak attack, mobs will act after all characters, so Rogue if anything is slightly stronger.

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