Mycroft Calfast (and his daughter)

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Mycroft Calfast (and his daughter) Empty Mycroft Calfast (and his daughter)

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Mycroft Calfast
Human Barrister

Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200 lbs

Str: 16 (+3)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: 13 (+1)
Int: 16 (+3)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 18 (+4)

HP: 11
AC: 13 (touch 11, flat 12)
Speed: 30'

Fort: +1
Refl: +3
Will: +5

Initiative: +1
BAB: +1
CMB: +4
CMD: 16

Acrobatics (+1)
Appraise 1 (+4)
Bluff 1 (+10)
Climb (+3)
Craft - Illustration/Visual Art 1 (+7)
Diplomacy 1 (+7)
Disguise (+4)
Escape Artist (+1)
Fly (+4)
Heal (+2)
Intimidate 1 (+5)
Knowledge(planes) 1 (+7)
Linguistics 1 (+8 )
Perception 1 (+6)
Perform - Oration 1 (+6)
Perform - Sing (+4)
Profession - Barrister 1 (+3)
Ride (+1)
Sense Motive 1 (+6)
Sleight of Hand (+1)
Stealth 1 (+5)
Survival (+2)
Swim (+3)

Languages: Common; Gnomish; Orcish; Elvish; Dwarven; Draconic; Sylvan; {REDACTED}

Voice of the Sibyl

Class Abilities:
Weapon: Simple/Martial. Armor: Light
Darkvision 60ft

Equipment (Worn):
Belt: Black leather with purse and ornate rapier sheath
Body: Fine Silk Clothes
Chest: Barrister's Crest Pendant
Feet: Stylish Leather Boots
Hands: Delicate Leather Gloves
Shoulders: Journeyman's Cloak

Equipment (Pack):
Blank journals(4x)
Blanket, winter
Cartography instruments
Climber's Hooks/Chisels
Grappling hook
Ink Pen(3x)
Rations, trail (7 day)
Rope, silk (100ft)
Sketching charcoal(5x)
Soap (2x)
Wound-dressing Kit

Decorated Rapier d20+4 to attack, 1d6+3 damage (slashing) 18-20x2 critical
Unarmed Slam (elbow or kick) d20+4 to attack, 1d8+4 damage (blunt) 20x2 critical

There are men in this world who defy description, but Mycroft Calfast merely defies a simple description. At a glance, one might take him for your average pampered, handsome young man-about-town, but anything beyond a glance is likely to transfix, as much with uncertainty as with admiration. Many have described the popular junior barrister as 'easy to like, but difficult to trust', for the contrived airs of managed impressions are imprinted in his every feature. Mycroft's build is tall, lean and muscular, but to such a degree that the word 'statuesque' takes on a tone of suspicion, for his bone structure sports a symmetry and perfection seldom seen outside the works of master sculptors. In this vein of artistry, too, are the features of Mycroft's face, which strike the eye in a manner more akin to a miraculously moving, fine-detailed portrait, than a man in the flesh. While the raw quality of his looks, and his contemporary dress, draw universal compliments from interested parties, all regard Mycroft with a level of unease reserved for words that sound too honeyed to be true, and dreams from which one expects to awaken.

Far beyond the reach of the reputation of his appearance, extends the reputation directed towards his famously silver tongue, and its captivating if implacable native accent. Though as recently as a year ago, none in the Restov region could recall hearing his name, Mycroft is presently well-known both for his fluid social climbing, and the sensational results of his courtroom escapades. Whether it is commendations for painting flattering portraits of noble wives, or the rumours of bold heroism that surround the ornate rapier he carries on his hip, his name is one that can be found all too often on the lips of the upper-crust. For a man whose wits and rhetoric seem almost insurmountable, many await the day Mycroft will turn his considerable talents away from the rule of law, and towards the ruling of men, particularly with the list of noble daughters and widows clamouring for an expression of his interest.

Aside from the unspoken notes of mistrust, the majority of negative remarks against Mycroft's name concern his young daughter, or more specifically, refusal to be separated from her. Beyond their raven black hair and haunting green eyes, father and daughter appear as dissimilar as strangers, though Mycroft has famously little patience for those who draw attention to his daughter's withdrawn, awkward, seemingly defective nature. Though many praise his obvious parental convictions, others are left questioning how so caring a parent raises a teenager who cannot bare to leave her father's sight...


Jenna Calfast
Human Sorceress

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height 4'10"
Weight 80 lbs

Str: 9 (-1)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: 11 (+0)
Int: 16 (+3)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 18 (+4)

HP: 8/8
AC: 12 (touch 11, flat 11)
Speed: 30'

Fort: +0
Refl: +1
Will: +5

Initiative: +1
BAB: +0
CMB: -1
CMD: 10

Acrobatics (+4)
Appraise (+3)
Bluff (+4)
Diplomacy (+4)
Disguise (+4)
Escape Artist (+1)
Fly (+4)
Handle Animal (+7)
Heal (+2)
Intimidate (+4)
Knowledge(arcana) 1 (+7)
Knowledge(engineering) 1 (+7)
Knowledge(geography) 1 (+7)
Knowledge(history) 1 (+7)
Knowledge(nature) 1 (+7)
Linguistics 1 (+6)
Perception (+2)
Ride (+4)
Sense Motive (+2)
Sleight of Hand (+1)
Spellcraft 1 (+7)
Stealth (+1)
Survival 1 (+3)

Languages: Common; Gnomish; Elvish; Dwarven; Draconic

Eschew Materials

Class Abilities:
Weapon: Simple. Armor: Light
Cantrips Known: Purify Food/Drink; Acid Splash; Detect Magic; Mending; Guidance.
Level-1 Spells Known: Mage Armor; {REDACTED}

Equipment (Worn):
Armor: Padded Armor worn beneath clothes
Body: Simple red tunic with dark arm, neck and leg coverings and cap
Feet: Black leather boots
Hands: Fingerless black cloth gloves
Head: Tunic hood-cap
Headband: Large, obscuring metal and cloth headband
Shoulders: Thick grey highway cloak with pockets and hood

Equipment (Pack):
Strap-slung Spellbook

Small Sickle d20-1 to attack, 1d6-1 damage (slashing) 20x2 critical
Acid Splash d20+1 to attack, 1d3 damage (acid) 20x2 critical

A petite girl, even as far as 14-year-olds go, Jenna appears to all who've met her as a girl seeking to hide from the world. While her large eyes and delicate features could easily be called beautiful (freckles notwithstanding), Jenna's gaunt cheeks tell of an upbringing in poverty, and her averted gaze tell of hardships best keep clear of children. Despite her tendency to cover and overdress, even the padding beneath her tunic cannot disguise her immensely thin frame, nor the ill-suppressed trembles of fear whenever she is addressed directly by someone other than her father. Despite these obvious discomforts, she can none-the-less be found following her statuesque father to the entirety of his many engagements and social functions. It appears that to Jenna, the only fate worse than the company of strangers is the absence of Mycroft, whom she gazes at with a tender adoration seen only in young girls who view their fathers as gods.

While Mycroft has jokingly attributed his brilliance and allure to some form of magic in his blood, in Jenna this claim takes a far more literal form. Possessing innate magical abilities, Jenna would be an ideal candidate for arcane apprenticeship or untethered travel and adventure, but alas, the scars of her largely unknown past seem to run far too deep. For now, at least, her place is at her father's side, drawing the envy of the city's scores of young women as he dotes on her every need, regarding her both in stature, and in name, as his 'Princess'.


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